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What can I do to help prevent fraud on my e-Commerce store?

To help prevent fraud on your e-Commerce store, we recommend you include additional security features on your website. Fraudulent transactions on your e-Commerce store may result in chargebacks or additional processing fees for each transaction.
We recommend that you include at least one of the following security features on your e-Commerce store:


Add a CAPTCHA to your store to identify whether users are humans or bots and prevent bots from running fraudulent transactions.

IP monitoring

Monitor the IP addresses of users accessing your store to check their locations and block IP addresses that you do not trust. This may include IP addresses associated with criminal activity or IP address from countries that you don’t ship to.

Address Verification System (AVS)

Add AVS to your store to prompt users to include their billing address. The service then compares this billing address with the registered address of the payment card to make sure that they match.

Card verification

Add card verification to your store to prompt users to enter their Card Verification Code (CVC). You can then identify if the CVC that the user provided matches the CVC that is registered to the payment card. A CVC is also known as a Card Security Code (CSC) or a Card Verification Value (CVV).

Web application firewall

Use a web application firewall to protect the data on your store by blocking unauthorized users from accessing it. You can set up a web application firewall to block certain users, files, and other websites from accessing your store.

3-D Secure

Add 3-D Secure to your store to redirect users to another page that prompts them to enter additional information to complete the order. For example, the card issuer sends the user a one-time code that the user must enter before they can complete the transaction.

Hash validation

Use hash validation to check if an unauthorized user has made changes to your website. If this happens, you can take corrective action to minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions.

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