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What should I do when I receive a retrieval request?

When you receive a retrieval request, you must reply with evidence about the transaction within 12 calendar days. The evidence you provide should meet the requirements on the retrieval request.

Important: If you don’t reply on time or if your response doesn’t meet the requirements, your retrieval request may result in a chargeback. You’ll not be able to dispute this chargeback.

What do I need to include in my response?

  • The notification letter
  • The case number for the retrieval request
  • Evidence that proves the transaction is valid, for example:
    • Sales drafts
    • Receipts
    • Your returns policy
    • Invoices
Important: Send your notification letter, case number, and evidence in a single response. If you send multiple responses, the issuing bank uses only the first response to fulfil the request.
  • Be clear and legible
  • Be related to the transaction that the issuing bank has mentioned on the request
  • Include the case number for the retrieval request on each page

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