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What do I need to tell my cardholders who use my Magento 2 store?

Note: For guidance on what to tell cardholders who use your Magento 1 store, visit What do I need to tell the customers who use my Magento 1 store?

When using the Cayan extension for your Magento store, you should tell your cardholders the following information:

Stored payment methods

When you enable vaulting, cardholders can add or delete their payment information. If a cardholder wants to edit their payment information, they need to delete the stored payment information and then add a new payment method during a transaction. Cardholders can delete their payment information using the Stored Payment Methods page.

The Stored Payment Methods screen.

Balance inquiry for gift cards

Using the shopping cart, cardholders can check the available amount of credit on their gift card using Check Available Amount.

An example Shopping Cart with gift card options.

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