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What do I need to do to comply with PCI-DSS?

To comply with PCI-DSS requirements, you must do the following:

  • Use equipment and systems that comply with the PCI-DSS’s requirements for processing and storing sensitive cardholder data
  • Educate your employees about the best practices for working with cardholder data
  • Complete an annual self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) or an on-site audit by an external assessor each year
  • Carry out software scans to discover potential flaws in your system

Best practices

You should also follow our best practices to help you secure your network, which include the following:


  • Use only PCI-DSS approved PIN entry devices
  • Use a properly configured firewall on your network and computers
  • Use strong passwords and change the default passwords on hardware and software


  • Share passwords with employees
  • Use passwords more than once
  • Use weak or insecure protocols for connecting to your access point
  • Connect to access points you don’t trust or haven’t set up yourself
  • Leave your POS devices unattended

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