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What can an e-Commerce merchant do to avoid chargebacks?

In addition to the best practices described in How can I avoid chargebacks?, e-Commerce merchants should use the following best practices:


  • Clearly indicate the expected delivery date on the transaction receipt or invoice.
  • Contact the cardholder in writing if you delay or cancel the merchandise or service.
  • Provide a valid customer service number or transmit a URL address with the transaction.
  • Provide merchandise or services as described to the cardholder.
  • In the event the cardholder receives defective merchandise, or they do not receive the merchandise as described; resolve the issue at first contact.
  • Make sure merchandise and services match the verbal description for non-face-to-face transactions at the time of purchase.
  • Obtain positive AVS and ship merchandise to the confirmed address only; the bill-to and ship-to address should match.
  • Participate in the ”Verified by Visa Program” for e-Commerce transactions.


  • Charge the cardholder until the merchandise is shipped.

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