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What additional information can an e-Commerce merchant provide to defend against chargebacks?

In addition to the actions described in How can I defend myself against chargebacks?, e-Commerce merchants can also provide the following additional information:

Evidence of cardholder actions

If applicable, you should provide evidence of the following:

  • Transaction was completed by a member of the cardholder’s household
  • Transaction used data that the cardholder used in a previously undisputed transaction, for example, the cardholder used one of the following:

– IP address

– Email address

– Physical address

– Telephone number

  • Transaction history for registered online users, for example, provide the following:

– Device type

– IP address

– Time and date of purchase

  • Cardholder accessed your website after the transaction date
  • For digital delivery, provide the following:

– The cardholder’s email address used at the time of purchase matches the email address used to deliver digital goods

  • For site-to-store delivery, card not present, provide the following:

– Cardholder signature on the pick-up form

– Copy of cardholder identification

  • Release form or waiver signed by the cardholder that allows packages to be delivered to the cardholder’s address without requiring a signature, and provide an unsigned Proof of Delivery (POD)
  • Cardholder agreed to accept the merchandise or services as provided
  • Direct connection between the cardholder and the person who received the merchandise or services, for example, provide the following:

– Photographs

– Emails

  • Cardholder disputing the transaction has the merchandise or is using the service, for example, provide the following:

– Photographs

– Emails

Evidence of your actions

If applicable, you should provide evidence of the following:

  • Verified by Visa was used
  • Written correspondence between you and the cardholder, including the following:

– Letters

– Emails

– Photographs

– Faxes

– Any other written correspondence

  • Invoice or Proof of Delivery (POD) showing that merchandise was shipped before cancellation and has not been returned
  • You shipped the merchandise to a positive AVS address and obtained Proof of Delivery (POD)

– Domestic only—signed POD may be required to assist with resolving the chargeback

  • Delivery, or evidence that the goods or services were delivered as directed by the customer
  • Shipping and delivery of any replacement merchandise
  • Explanation of any differences when transaction dates, merchant name, or merchant location differ

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