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The Admin Overview page of my Genius M400 says ‘No Internet Connection,’ what do I do?

“No Internet Connection” displays in the IP address field of the Admin Overview page when your Genius M400 has not been assigned an IP address.

To resolve the issue, complete the following steps:
Step 1. Check your Genius M400’s network cables are correctly connected.
Step 2. Confirm your Genius M400 is configured for your network.
Step 3. Disconnect your Genius M400 from your router.
Step 4. Turn Off your router.
Step 5. Turn On your router.
Step 6. Reconnect your Genius M400.

If your Genius M400 still has no internet connection, contact our Genius Support Team.

Note: If your network issues only static IP addresses, you need to manually set a static IP address on your Genius M400.

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