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How does my Genius Countertop work?

Note: Your Genius Countertop does not share any sensitive cardholder data with your POS. Step 1. Your POS sends information about the transaction to your Genius Countertop, such as the price and number of items. Read more

How do I search for orders using the Payment Cartridge?

When you open the Payment Cartridge, the Business Manager displays the Orders page. To search for orders using the Orders page, you can use one of the following methods: View the most recent orders Search for an order using its order number Search for orders using the search filters Viewing the most recent orders On the Orders page click Find. Read more

How do I view transaction details using the Payment Cartridge?

When you open the Payment Cartridge, the Business Manager displays the Orders page. When you select an order number, you can view the following details for the order: Reference number Status Order Date Created by Email Payment Status Transaction information Orders with more than one payment method Depending on your account settings, cardholders can pay for orders using one or more payment method. Read more

Can I use my Genius device to refund transactions?

Yes. To refund a transaction using your Genius device, complete the following steps: Step 1. Use your POS to refund the transaction. Step 2. When your Genius device prompts for a card, ask your customer to use your Genius device to tap, swipe, or insert their card. Read more

What is Statements and Reporting, and what can I use it for?

Statements and Reporting is an online reporting system that allows you to view the following: An overview of your merchant account’s card sales and transactions across all merchant locations Reports, including the following: –   Payment history: Deposits, debits, and adjustments for your merchant locations –   Batch history: Batch information and detailed batch transaction history –   Voids and declines –   Monetary rejects: Batches that failed due to processor or setup error –   Authorization log: Transaction lists of all approved sales, including their authorization codes –   Returns –   Transaction search: Search for individual transactions by date, card number, authorization number, or amount –   Retrievals and chargebacks: Information on retrievals and chargebacks –   Fixed acquirer network fee: Fees charged by Visa based on the locations and volume of card not present transactions –   Merchant adjustment: Deposits and withdrawals from your bank account that are not part of a processing batch Your monthly statement Read more