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How do I set up my Genius P400?

To set up your Genius P400, complete the following steps: Attach the cables to your Genius P400 Set the IP address for your Genius P400 Set up your POS with your Genius P400   Part 1. Read more

How do I check my Genius P400 is ready to use?

Before using your Genius P400, we recommend you do the following: Check your Genius P400’s connection to the internet Check your Genius P400 connects with our gateway Run a test transaction on your Genius P400   Check your Genius P400’s connection to the internet The IP address of your Genius P400 is available on the Admin Overview screen. Read more

Can I use my Genius device to refund transactions?

Yes. To refund a transaction using your Genius device, complete the following steps: Step 1. Use your POS to refund the transaction. Step 2. When your Genius device prompts for a card, ask your customer to use your Genius device to tap, swipe, or insert their card. Read more