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What is PCI?

PCI refers to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). PCI-DSS is a set of regulatory standards for the payment card industry that is required by all the major card brands, for example, Mastercard, Visa, JCB, and Discover. Read more

What is TLS?

TLS (Transport Layer Security) keeps your data safe when you send it from one system to another and protects it from attackers. There are three versions of TLS: TLS 1.0 TLS 1.1 TLS 1.2 The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council no longer considers TLS 1.0 to be secure. Read more

What can I do to protect my business against hackers?

You can reduce the risk of a hacker attack on your business by doing the following: Installing security software and keeping it up to date Limiting access to your wireless network Keeping work and personal devices separate Keeping “backroom” technology away from the sales floor Limiting administrative access on business devices Ensuring your employees understand the latest payment technologies Regularly training your employees Limiting access to your wireless network Limiting access to your wireless network reduces the risk of your network being hacked. Read more

How does EMV protect me against chargebacks?

One of the best things you can do to reduce your chargeback risk, is to invest in EMV-enabled hardware. It is much harder for fraudsters to skim and duplicate EMV cards because of the nature of the cards, and because of how EMV transactions are processed. Read more