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What is Statements and Reporting, and what can I use it for?

Statements and Reporting is an online reporting system that allows you to view the following: An overview of your merchant account’s card sales and transactions across all merchant locations Reports, including the following: –   Payment history: Deposits, debits, and adjustments for your merchant locations –   Batch history: Batch information and detailed batch transaction history –   Voids and declines –   Monetary rejects: Batches that failed due to processor or setup error –   Authorization log: Transaction lists of all approved sales, including their authorization codes –   Returns –   Transaction search: Search for individual transactions by date, card number, authorization number, or amount –   Retrievals and chargebacks: Information on retrievals and chargebacks –   Fixed acquirer network fee: Fees charged by Visa based on the locations and volume of card not present transactions –   Merchant adjustment: Deposits and withdrawals from your bank account that are not part of a processing batch Your monthly statement Read more