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My POS is not functioning correctly, what do I do?

Important: If your POS is not functioning correctly or is not communicating with your Genius device, contact your POS provider for technical support. Complete the steps in this article to work out if your POS error is related to your Genius device.

Check your Genius device is connected to your POS

If your Genius device does not respond when you try to run a transaction, check the following details are correct in your POS:

  • Your Merchantware credentials, which include the following:

– Merchantware name
– Site ID
– Authentication key

  • The IP address or hostname of your Genius device
Note: We sent your Merchantware credentials to you in an email when you opened your account with us. For more information about how to view and update your Merchantware credentials in your POS, contact your POS provider.

Check your Genius device connects to our gateway

If your Genius device is not connecting to your POS, test the connection between our gateway and your Genius device to confirm that your Genius device can run transactions and receive downloads or updates. To run a gateway connection test, select your Genius device from the following:
Countertop MX915   Countertop MX925   p400

If the tests pass, there may be a problem with your POS. To troubleshoot your POS, contact your POS provider. If the tests fail, contact our Genius Support Team.

Check if you need to install the root certificate on your computer

If the web browser for your POS displays a connection error, for example “Your connection is not private”, you may need to install the root certificate on your computer. If your POS is set up to use a web browser and HTTPS, you cannot run transactions if you don’t install the root certificate on your computer.
For more information about installing the root certificate, see How do I install the root certificate?.

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