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How does my Genius Mini work?

Note: Your Genius Mini does not share any sensitive cardholder data with your POS. Step 1. Your POS sends information about the transaction to your Genius Mini, such as the price and number of items. Read more

What are the Genius Mini’s default ports?

Your Genius Mini uses the following ports: Port Protocol 443 SSL 7622 SFTP Your Genius Mini uses the following hosts: Read more

The Genius Mini application is frozen, what do I do?

To unfreeze your Genius Mini application, force close it and then reopen it. If your Genius Mini application is still frozen, contact our Genius Support Team. Note: For guidance about how to force close an application on your mobile device, see the user manual for your mobile device. Read more

How do I check my Genius Mini is ready to use?

Before using your Genius Mini, we recommend you do the following: Check your Genius Mini has an IP address Check your Genius Mini connects with our gateway Run a test transaction on your Genius Mini Check your Genius Mini has an IP address The IP address of your Genius Mini displays on the Info screen. Read more

How do I set up my Genius Mini?

To set up your Genius Mini, do the following: Install the Genius Mini application on your mobile device Connect your Genius Mini to your mobile device Configure your POS application to work with your Genius Mini Part 1. Read more

My POS is not functioning correctly, what do I do?

Important: If your POS is not functioning correctly or is not communicating with your Genius device, contact your POS provider for technical support. Complete the steps in this article to work out if your POS error is related to your Genius device. Read more

What features can my Genius device support?

The Genius solution is available on the following devices: Genius Countertop (MX 915 and MX925) Genius P400 Genius Handheld Genius Mini Genius e285 Genius M400 The features you can use depend on the type of device you have and what our Customer Support Team and your POS supplier has been enabled. Read more