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How do I set a static IP address on my Genius P400?

To configure the static IP settings on your Genius P400, use the Network menu to complete the following steps:
Step 1. From the home screen, use the keypad to press 000.
Step 2. Use the keypad to enter the password and then tap OK. The default password is 9416557.
Step 3. Navigate to the Network Settings menu and do the following:
a. Tap Options and then tap Network.
b. Tap Options and then tap Configure.
c. Tap Static.

The Network Configuration screen with Static IP Mode selected.

Step 4. Use the keypad to type the static IP settings provided by your network administrator.

Note: IP addresses must be 12 digits in length. For octets with a value less than three digits, you must use zeros to complete the octet. For example, to set a static IP address of, you need to enter

Step 5. Tap Save.

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