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What features can my Genius device support?

The Genius solution is available on the following devices: Genius Countertop (MX 915 and MX925) Genius P400 Genius Handheld Genius Mini The features you can use depend on the type of device you have and what our Customer Support Team and your POS supplier has been enabled. Read more

Genius Smart P2PE™ Instruction Manual

If you are using the Genius Smart P2PE solution, you must install and maintain your Genius devices according to the instructions in the P2PE Instruction Manual (PIM). If you have any questions about the Genius Smart P2PE solution, contact our Genius Support Team. Read more

How do I care for my battery in my Genius Handheld?

Care for the lithium-ion battery in your Genius Handheld™ to increase the battery life and prevent hazardous battery failures. To care for your battery, complete the following instructions: Storing your battery outside of your Genius Handheld Checking your battery before use Using your battery in your Genius Handheld Storing your battery outside your Genius Handheld If you store your battery outside your Genius Handheld, complete the following steps: Step 1. Read more

Can I use my Genius device to refund transactions?

Yes. To refund a transaction using your Genius device, complete the following steps: Step 1. Use your POS to refund the transaction. Step 2. When your Genius device prompts for a card, ask your customer to use your Genius device to tap, swipe, or insert their card. Read more