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How do I void an order using the Payment Cartridge?

You can void orders using the Void button. When you void an order, the Payment Cartridge does the following:

  • Refunds any gift card payments
  • Captures any uncaptured payments, then voids the transaction; this releases the hold on the cardholder’s credit card
  • Voids any captured transactions that have not been settled
 Note: You cannot void settled transactions. You can refund settled transactions using the refund button.

When you open the Payment Cartridge, the Business Manager displays the Orders page. To void an order:

Step 1. On the Orders page, select the Order Number of the order you want to view.
Step 2. From the order’s transaction information, click Void. A dialog box opens warning you that you cannot undo this action.

An example order with a call out for the Void button.

Step 3. Click OK. A dialog box opens confirming the success or failure of the action.

A Void Dialog box stating that voiding an order cannot be undone.

Step 4. Click OK.

A message displaying that the order was successfully voided.

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