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How do I update the time on my Genius Handheld?

To update the time on your Genius Handheld, complete the following steps:
Step 1. From the home screen, tap Icon to access the Menu..
Step 2. Tap Settings icon to access the settings menu.  and then swipe up and tap Date & time.

 Select date and time.

Step 3. On the Date & time menu, tap Automatic date & time.

 Select Automatic date and time.

Step 4. Select Use network-provided time.

 Select use network provided time.

Step 5. Tap to Icon to go back to previous screen. return to the Date & time menu and then tap Select time zone.

 Select time zone.

Step 6. On the Select time zone menu, swipe up or down through the time zone options and select your time zone.
Step 7. To return to the home screen, tap Icon to go back to previous screen..

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