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How do I test my Magento 1 integration?

Note: For guidance on how you can test your integration for Magento 2, visit How do I test my Magento 2 integration?

We recommend that you test your integration after you configure our extension by performing each of the following operations:

  • Operations in your Magento store:

– Authorization:
> Credit card sale for physical goods

– Authorization and capture:
> Credit card sale for virtual goods (if applicable to your business)

– Gift card sale using a gift card with:
> Sufficient funds
> Insufficient funds
> PIN input

– Balance inquiry on a gift card

  • Operations in Magento Admin:

– Capture payment for physical goods
– Refund a sale
– Void a sale
– Void an authorization with a capture
– Void an authorization
– Void a gift card sale

Note: If any of the operations are unsuccessful during your testing, contact our Customer Support Team.

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