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How do I print reports on my VX520?

There are two report screens on the VX520:

  • Report screen one

Totals Report that shows the totals of each card type

Details Report that shows each individual transaction, grouped by card type

  • Report screen two

Server/Clerk Reports that shows the totals grouped by server/clerk

Unadjust Report that shows all transactions that have not had tips adjusted (tip processing only)

To print a report, complete the following steps:

Step 1. From the SoftPay home screen, press the rightmost purple key once to access the first reports menu.

Step 2. (Optional) To access the second reports menu, press the leftmost purple key once.

Step 3. Select the report that you want to print:

  • Report screen one:

F2 (Totals Report)

F3 (Details Report)

  • Report screen two:

F1 (Server/Clerk Reports)

F3 (Unadjust Report)

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