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How do I open the Payment Cartridge on Salesforce?

To open the Payment Cartridge from Salesforce, complete the following steps:

Step 1. Click the Select a Site drop-down arrow1.
Step 2. Select the site you want to manage.
Step 3. Click the Merchant Tools drop-down arrow2.
Step 4. On the Cayan Modules submenu3, click Cayan Transaction Manager.

The Merchant Tools menu with a call out that highlights the Cayan Transaction Manager.

When you open the Payment Cartridge, the Business Manager displays the Orders page.

Orders page
Item Title Description
1 Top menu Business Manager’s top menu.
2 Search tools Use to search for orders by order number, most recent, or using the search filters.
3 Orders table Displays search results in date order, showing most recent orders first. The Orders table shows the following information for each order:
Number – Order number assigned by Salesforce
Reference Number – Reference number assigned by the Payments Portal for most recent transaction associated with the order
Status – Status of the order, which can be CREATED, NEW, OPEN, COMPLETED, FAILED, CANCELED, REPLACED
Order date – Date and time the order was created
Created by – Creation date and time of the order
Email – Cardholder’s email address
Paid – Dollar amount paid to date for the order
Total – Total dollar value of the order
Payment Status – Can be NOTPAID, PARTPAID, or PAID
Payment Types – Type of payment the cardholder used to pay for the order

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