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How do I install the Cayan extension for Magento 1?

Note: To install our extension for Magento 2, visit How do I install the Cayan extension for Magento 2?

System prerequisites

To install and use our extension, you must have the following:

  • A valid merchant account with us
  • A webserver with the following:
    – Magento CE (1.9.0 or higher)
    – cURL for PHP
    – DOM or XML for PHP
    – SSL installed on your site and active on the Checkout and Logon pages

Using marketplace to install our extension

We recommend that you use Magento Marketplace to install our extension.

Before you install our extension

Before you install our extension, you should create a backup of your store.

Note: You need a Marketplace account to download our extension. You can register for a Marketplace account before you complete your order.

How to download our extension

Step 1. Open your web browser.
Step 2. In the address bar, type
Step 3. Using your user credentials, log on to Magento Marketplace.
Step 4. In the search field, type Cayan.
Step 5. Select the Cayan extension.
Step 6. Click Add to Cart.
Step 7. Select your basket and click Go to Checkout to complete your order.

How to install our extension

Note: To complete this procedure, you need FTP/SSH access to the server that hosts your Magento store.

Step 1. Unzip the Cayan Extension file that you downloaded from Magento Marketplace.
Step 2. On the server that hosts your Magento store, navigate to the root folder.
Step 3. Upload the unzipped Cayan-Extension file to the root folder.
Step 4. Clear the cache.

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