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How do I connect my Genius e285 to my network using a dynamic IP address?

Important: You can connect your Genius e285 to only one network at a time.
Note: To prevent your Genius e285 disconnecting from the POS, we recommend that you configure your Genius e285 to use a static IP address.

To connect your Genius e285 to your network using a dynamic IP address, complete the following steps:

Important: Connect your Genius e285 to the same network as your POS.

Connect your Genius e285 to your router

Step 1. From the home screen, press 1, 5, and 9 on the keypad at the same time.
Step 2. Tap supervisor, and use the keypad to type the password, and then press Enter. The default password is 1166832.
Step 3. Tap Administration, and then tap Communications.
Step 4. Tap WiFi then tap WiFi Scan. If your Genius e285’s WiFi is turned off, your Genius e285 prompts you to turn on its WiFi.
Step 5. Tap the network you want to connect your Genius e285 to.

  • If successful, your device notifies you that it has saved the network.
  • If unsuccessful, check that you are in range of your router. If you still can’t connect to a network, contact our Genius Support Team.

Step 6. Tap OK, and then press the Cancel button.
Step 7. Tap WiFi Configuration, and in the PSK field type the network password.

  • To switch between capital letters and numbers, press the # button.

Step 8. Press the Enter button to save the network password.
Step 9. Press the Cancel button to return to the WiFi menu.

Configure a dynamic IP address

Step 1. Tap WiFi Interface IPv4.
Step 2. From the Mode drop-down menu, select On.
Step 3. From the Autostart drop-down menu, select On.
Step 4. Provide values for the following fields:

  • IP address
  • Broadcast
  • Mask
  • Gateway
  • DNS 1
  • DNS 2

Step 5. In the Status field, tap connection icon to connect to the network. When your Genius e285 connects to the network, the Link status shows Connected.
Step 6. Press the Cancel button four times to return to the Main menu.
Step 7. To return to the home screen, on the Main menu, swipe up and then tap Run Applications.

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