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How can I test my Genius Countertop’s connection with your servers?

You can test your Genius Countertop’s connection with our servers. This test tells you if your Genius Countertop can run transactions and receive downloads or updates.
To test your Genius Countertop’s connection with our servers, complete the following steps:
Step 1. From the home screen, use the keypad to press 000.
Step 2. Use the keypad type the password and then press Enter. The default password is 9416557.
Step 2. Tap Network.
Step 3. Tap Test. Your Genius Countertop tests its connection with our servers.

Note: You can return to the home screen at any time by pressing Cancel.
The Gateway Connection Test screen, which shows all tests as Passed.
• For transactions to process properly, the Transport test and Genius test must pass.
• If the SFTP test fails, your Genius Countertop may be able to run transactions, but it will not be able to receive updates or downloads
• If any of these tests fail, ensure the ports are open to allow your Genius Countertop to correctly communicate with our servers.

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