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How can I help prevent fraudulent transactions?

The actions you can take to help prevent fraudulent transactions depend on whether you sell goods online or sell goods in-store.

Selling goods online

  • Use AVS or 3-D Secure to verify a cardholder’s identity during online transactions.

– If AVS or 3-D Secure can’t verify a cardholder’s identity, the card may be stolen or fraudulent.

  • Use a fraud screening tool to help you detect potentially fraudulent transactions. For more information about fraud screening tools, see What are fraud screening tools?

Selling goods in-store

  • Use EMV terminals, which can prompt for either a PIN or signature. You can compare the cardholder’s signature with the signature on the back of the card.

– If the PIN or signature don’t match, the EMV terminal cancels the transaction as the card may be stolen or fraudulent.

  • Train your staff to identify suspicious activity including the following:

– A cardholder trying to distract an employee or rush a transaction
– A transaction with an unusually high dollar value
– A cardholder that can’t verify their identity

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