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Running Transactions

How do I set up my Genius Countertop?

To set up your Genius Countertop, complete the following steps: Attach the cables to your Genius Countertop Set up your POS with your Genius Countertop Part 1. Attach the cables to your Genius Countertop Important: Do not attach a Power over Ethernet (POE) cable to your Genius Countertop. Read more

How do I use my Genius Mini with my mobile device?

To use your Genius Mini with your mobile device, install the Genius Mini application and your POS application onto your mobile device. You can download the Genius Mini application from one of the following: Apple’s App Store Google’s Play Store Windows download (.zip) Read more

When can I capture payments from my e-Commerce store?

When you sell goods and services using e-Commerce, the point at which you can capture a customer’s funds depends on the type of goods or services they buy from you. Note: When a customer pays using a gift card, our Payments Platform runs an instant sale whether the customer is buying physical goods, virtual goods, or services. Read more

How can I verify if my order has been shipped?

You receive a confirmation email as soon as we ship your order. If you are having trouble finding the shipment tracking number, contact our Technical Support Team and we will provide you with a status update for your packages. Read more

Can I accept payments from different countries?

Yes. We recommend that you do not process orders or payments from any country currently on the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Sanction List. To see an up-to-date sanctions list, go to Read more

What is EBT?

Your customers receive their Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) on an EBT card. An EBT card can hold EBT Cash, EBT Snap, or both EBT Cash and EBT SNAP. EBT Cash EBT Cash, also known as Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC) or Welfare, is a dollar amount that customers can use to do the following: Purchase food and everyday items, such as personal hygiene products, housing, and utilities Get cash back Withdraw cash from an ATM Pay for tips Note: Customers pay tax on the goods or services that they purchase with EBT Cash. Read more