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Why should I use EMV-compliant equipment?

To reduce the risk of fraud, you should make sure that you are using EMV-compliant equipment to process EMV card payments. If you accept an EMV card using non-EMV compliant technology, you are liable for fraudulent transactions. Read more

How does EMV protect me against chargebacks?

One of the best things you can do to reduce your chargeback risk, is to invest in EMV-enabled hardware. It is much harder for fraudsters to skim and duplicate EMV cards because of the nature of the cards, and because of how EMV transactions are processed. Read more

Do EMV transactions process differently?

With an EMV card, both the card issuer and the chip on the card must approve or decline the transaction. The card issuer makes a decision and sends a response to the chip, which then makes the final decision. Read more

How fast are EMV transactions?

Our Genius platform uses our ChipIQ™ technology, which processes the transaction within a few seconds. This means that checkouts are faster, and cardholders adapt to the technology quicker due to less waiting times between instructions. Read more