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How do I open the Payment Cartridge on Salesforce?

You can open the Payment Cartridge from the Merchant Tools menu.

Step 1. Click the Select a Site drop-down arrow1.

Step 2. Select the site you want to manage.

Step 3. Click the Merchant Tools drop-down arrow2.

Step 4. On the Cayan Modules submenu3, click Cayan Transaction Manager.

The Merchant Tools menu with a call out that highlights the Cayan Transaction Manager.

When you open the Payment Cartridge, the Business Manager displays the Orders page.

The Orders page.
Item Title Description
1. Top menu Business Manager’s top menu.
2. Search tools Use to search for orders by order number, most recent, or using the search filters.
3. Orders table Displays search results in date order, showing most recent orders first. The Orders table shows the following information for each order:
Number – Order number assigned by Salesforce
Reference Number – Reference number assigned by the Payments Portal for most recent transaction associated with the order
Status – Status of the order, can be CREATED, NEW, OPEN, COMPLETED, FAILED, CANCELED, REPLACED
Order date – Date and time the order was created
Created by – Creation date and time of the order
Email – The customer’s email address
Paid – Dollar amount paid to date for the order
Total – Total dollar value of the order
Payment Status – Can be NOTPAID, PARTPAID, or PAID
Payment Types – Type of payment the customer used to pay for the order

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