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Can I use my Genius Countertop to accept EBT cards?

Yes. Depending on your account settings and the type of EBT your customer is using, your Genius Countertop processes the transaction in different ways.

We can set up your Genius Countertop to accept the following types of EBT:

  • Only EBT Cash
  • Only EBT SNAP
  • Both EBT Cash and EBT SNAP

To start accepting EBT payments, contact our Customer Support Team.

Note: You cannot use your Genius Countertop to run an EBT refund. For more information about how to refund an EBT transaction, see How do I refund an EBT transaction?.

EBT Cash account

EBT Cash only account

EBT SNAP account

EBT SNAP only account

EBT Cash and EBT SNAP account

EBT Cash and EBT SNAP account

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