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How do I view my leads?

  • On the side menu, click Leads.
The Leads screen.

Note: We update a lead’s status during boarding, which the Partner Portal displays.

Viewing the contact information for a lead

  • Click the lead’s information button. 

Searching for a lead

  • In the search tool, type a date or words relating to the lead. For example, to search for leads with “Inc” in their company name, type “Inc.”
Example search results.

Sorting your results by status

  • From the Status drop-down menu, click the status of the leads you want to view.

Sorting your results by data field

You can sort your results by the following data fields:

  • Company
  • Type
  • Source
  • Status
  • Status Date
  • Sales Rep

To do this:

  • Click the data field to sort your data. For example, click Sales Rep to sort the leads by their sales representative.

Changing the number of leads the Partner Portal displays

  • From the number of results drop-down menu, select the number of results you want the Partner Portal to display.

Downloading your leads

You can download a list of your leads as a .pdf file, or a .csv file. To do this:

Step 1. (Optional) Search or sort your leads to get a specific set of results.

Step 2. In the top-right of the portal, click the download button.

Example search results with a call out for the download button.

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